Ozone layer thickness

Probably many know what is the ozone layer. This is a unique protective mechanism that reliably protects our planet from the constant attack of ultraviolet rays. I must say that due to the active human activity, this layer is constantly destroyed.

It is important to understand that this is fraught with justification for the most dangerous assumptions on the part of scientists. Nevertheless, we have to believe that people will be able to reduce the mass emission of harmful substances into the air, and our ecological situation will begin to recover.

What is the thickness of the ozone layer?

You will be surprised, but this is only 3 mm! Yes, some people think that such a grand protective system should be at least several meters thick. However, the scientific fact is the statement that the thickness of the ozone layer is only 0.3 cm.

Now you can surprise with such interesting fact many of your friends. And yes, keep in mind that this layer is located at an altitude of 20 to 25 km. This is so in case of clarifying questions from your friends!

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