Interesting facts about money

Interesting facts about money cause different emotions in different people. Indeed, on the one hand, we know that "happiness is not in money", but on the other hand, we hear someone complement this saying with the words: "... but in their numbers"! And indeed, almost everything in this world revolves around money.

There is an opinion that the world government exists, but it does not have a human face, since this is the power of money. So, we bring to your attention various interesting facts about money, starting from the most ancient times.

26 interesting facts about money

  1. Money is a product that represents a unique tool for exchanging other goods and services.
  2. Some Indians used pearls and shells as money. They exchanged various valuables.
  3. The most ancient money are cattle, animal skins, furs, stones of a certain size, tiles of tea, dried fish, etc.
  4. In Kievan Rus, in parallel with the hryvnia, salt, honey, cattle and hides played the role of money.
  5. Since ancient times, when the first coins appeared, the rulers minted their portraits on them. Alexander of Macedon is considered the first who decided to perpetuate his name in this way.
  6. For the first time, Ivan the Terrible ordered the minting of pennies (coins of 1 kop. Denomination). Of course, on the penny was his image. Such a one, "penny" king!
  7. In Australia and some other southern countries plastic money is still used.
  8. In 1999, the heaviest silver coin was manufactured in Russia. She weighs 3 kilograms.
  9. In China, they issued the heaviest gold coin, weighing 5 kilograms.
  10. If we look at the amazing facts of money from the past, it was in Sweden that they produced the heaviest coin weighing 19 kilograms.
  11. It is difficult to imagine, but it was just ordinary playing cards that for the first time acted as money in Canada.
  12. The same Canada surprised the world by releasing 25 thousand unusual coins. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that on one side of the coin there is an image of a dinosaur, whose skeleton glows in the dark. For some reason, they never fell into everyday life.
  13. Another amazing fact about money relates to England. Imagine that there is a bill of a million pounds sterling. And no suitcase is needed - I put a million in my pocket and went to the store!
  14. The most common currency in the world is considered the British pound: it is used in 105 countries around the world. The second place is occupied by the dollar (83 countries), the third place is by the French franc (75 countries), the fourth place went to dinar (33 countries, mostly from the Arab region), and the fifth place belongs to the Russian ruble (27 countries). Please note that this is a total rating for the last 200 years.
  15. It is believed that for the appearance of a standard bend with rubbing, on a conventional bill, it must be folded about four thousand times.
  16. What do you think, what dollar bill is most common in the US? Maybe you can not guess, but it is 1 dollar and 20 dollars. In the rest of the world, the one hundred dollar bill, which depicts the great Benjamin Franklin, is the most popular.
  17. In America, there is a law that prohibits to depict living people on money. But the dead - please!
  18. Not everyone knows that the dollar sign "$" first began to be used in accounting books by a gentleman named Oliver Pollock in 1778. And then his friend, Congressman Robert Morris, began to officially use this sign to denote American money.
  19. If you like interesting facts about money, then you need to know that paper bills first appeared in China. It happened not so long ago - in the year 812.
  20. The most expensive coin in the world is decadrachm, originally from ancient Greece. When selling at auction it was estimated at 314 thousand dollars.
  21. In Africa, until the mid-20th century, cattle were used as money.
  22. Belgium, as a real capitalist country, in the middle of the 20th century had coins with advertising text. That would be now on a hundred dollar bill to advertise!
  23. Venice in the 16th century kept in circulation a coin with a straightforward name - "Gazeta". And no one asked too many questions. Now for the newspaper you can not buy anything, alas!
  24. From 1821 to 1825, the Russian-American company, which ruled Alaska at that time, produced bills printed on the skin of a seal. From 10 thousand pieces for today there are only 40 coins from a seal skin, and their price same, as well as a similar piece of gold on weight.
  25. Versatility is good quality. So in the Dominican Republic there is still an inscription on the coin of 10 cents: “10 grams”. Apparently, there is still some money used as weights for weighing.
  26. The first ATM in the world appeared in 1967 in London, in one well-known bank. In the USSR, the first few ATMs were presented at the sunset of the empire, in 1991. However, they did not issue cash, but checks. But an ATM for issuing currency was first opened in Russia in 1994.

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