Amazing stories from the past

We all look to the past with curiosity, and with hope to the future. Interesting historical facts are what can teach, inspire and warn us.

Offered to your attention 8 amazing historical events. It is possible that some of them are already known to you, although this is unlikely to get in the way of enjoying the article.

We hope that even if you are not a fan of history, you will still be impressed by reading this post.

So let's start amazing stories of the past.

In panties for pizza

Boris Yeltsin is one of the most controversial and controversial personalities in the modern history of Russia. In 1995, an amazing incident happened to him. The fact is that when Yeltsin arrived in Washington with an official visit to meet with Bill Clinton, he probably abused alcohol.

Late at night, the US Secret Service guard found him drunk in his underpants outside his residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

As it turned out, the unfortunate president was trying to catch a taxi to go for a pizza.

Bare hands you will not take

In 1806, a truly amazing story occurred. Two gentlemen quarreled in the English bar - Humphrey Howarth and Count Barrymore. Of course, in the best traditions of the genre, the next day was a duel. And all would be nothing if Hovart would not appear on her completely naked.

The audience was shocked. Howard explained his behavior in a rather logical way: he used to serve as an army surgeon and knew that often death does not come from the bullet itself, but from an infection brought along with a piece of clothing.

Naturally, Earl Barrymore did not want to go down in history as a man who killed a naked peasant in a duel, and his rivals resolved the situation with the world.

How can you not remember the notorious English humor! By the way, we recommend reading 6 gentlemen’s truths.

Old runner

Cliff Young is an ordinary farmer from Australia. In 1983, he first took part in the ultramarathon at 875 kilometers and won it. This is an even more amazing story because at that time he was 61 years old, and professional athletes took part in the competition.

Young ran the designated distance in 5 days, 15 hours and 4 minutes, leaving behind the professional runners, although he ran at a slow pace and was far behind at first.

The secret of success turned out to be that Young did not know about the possibility of taking a break for a six-hour sleep every day and continued to run while the rivals slept.

Cliff Young also admitted that he had previously worked for several days in a row, driving sheep to his vast pastures. This practice greatly helped him during the marathon.

Gas miracle

In 1897, Pluto Lamp gas lights were installed at several points in London. These devices were designed not only to illuminate the streets, but also worked as vending machines, offering hot coffee, tea and cocoa.

In addition, it was possible to buy cigarettes and postcards in flashlights. In one of the models, even a telegraph was installed, connected to send messages to Scotland Yard.

All this miracle of the then technology worked on gas, causing a reverent admiration of the inhabitants of the city.

XU ... and not a screensaver

Did you know that in the original screensaver for the film “The Caucasian Captive” at the very beginning, the Coward appeared on the screen, who wrote the letter “X” on the fence, and then went out Experienced, and wrote next to the letter “U”?

Finally, the third loomed Balbez, who, seeing the policeman, quickly finished writing: "The Divine Film."

Needless to say, for censorship reasons, this screensaver was not included in the final version of the picture.

Prophetic film

On March 16, 1979, the sensational film "Chinese Syndrome" was released in the US. He talked about the accident at the nuclear power plant.

After 12 days, there was a real accident at Three Mile Island NPP, which was considered (before the Chernobyl disaster) the largest nuclear power industry in history.

An interesting fact is that in one of the episodes of the film the operator turns off the emergency supply of water to the active zone due to a faulty sensor, which almost led to the melting of the station. Almost the same thing happened on Three Mile Island.

This amazing story is also shocked by the fact that one of the characters in the film says that such an accident could lead to the evacuation of people from an area the size of Pennsylvania. Namely, in Pennsylvania and located Three Mile Island.

Breast dolly

Most educated people know Dolly the sheep. This is the first cloned animal that was reproduced from the mammary gland cell.

When choosing a name for an unusual sheep, research group leader Jan Wilmut tried to come up with an association to the mammary glands.

As a result of enhanced mental activity, he recalled the breasts of the famous American country singer Dolly Parton. That was the name of the famous Dolly the sheep.

When a cat is stronger than a dog

In 1987, an amazing story happened in Belgrade. A jaguar fled from the zoo, who was defeated in a fight by a 15-year-old German shepherd dog named Gabi.

It all started like this. A guard with two dogs made a regular night walk around the zoo. In the dark, he did not notice that the jaguar enclosure was empty. However, Gaby smelled a wild cat and rushed at her. It should be noted that the second dog, feeling threatened by a predator, escaped.

While the gallant Gaby fought a predatory animal, the guard managed to call the police. Unfortunately, the guards could not catch the jaguar, and in order to ensure the safety of civilians were forced to shoot him.

Sheepdog Gabi in the fight received numerous injuries, but was successfully operated and returned to work at the zoo.

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