10 interesting medical facts

Medicine undoubtedly concerns each of us. And today we offer you the 10 most interesting medical facts that may seem fantastic to you.

  1. As you know, the normal temperature of the human body is just below 37 degrees Celsius. An increase of 2-3 degrees can lead to serious consequences, and even lead to death. However, in 1980, the American Willie Jones, body temperature reached 46.5 degrees Celsius. Surprisingly, the patient remained alive, although he had to lie in the hospital for about 1 month. Here is an organism!
  2. Fatalities can result in not only high, but also excessively low temperatures. So in 1994, at the two-year-old Karli Kozlofsky, the body temperature dropped to a record low and was only 14.2 degrees Celsius. This happened due to the fact that in the house, the front door accidentally opened, and the baby had to lie in the freezing frost for 2 hours.
  3. In principle, all the medical facts cited here are amazing. But this is generally difficult to explain. One day, a 42-year-old woman came to the doctor who complained of mild abdominal pain. Later it turned out that there were more than 2500 foreign bodies in the patient's stomach. Only one English pins were about 1000 pieces. I wonder why she ate them?
  4. The greatest weight of a foreign object that has ever been removed from a person’s viscera was 2.3 kg. He was a big ball of human hair that the patient himself ate. Unfortunately, he suffered from trichophagy, in which a person has an "interest" in eating hair.
  5. The largest number of medications ever used by one person was recorded in a Zimbabwean. In more than 20 years of his treatment, he had to take almost 566,000 different pills. An interesting fact is that after all these experiments, he remained alive.
  6. By the number of injections made in one person’s entire life, Samuel Devidson leads. He had to complete almost 79,000 insulin injections.
  7. But the American Charles Jensen, you can really sympathize. In the period from 1954 to 1994. He has suffered on his body 970 operations for the removal of tumors.
  8. An interesting medical fact: the longest operation lasted about 95 hours. During surgery, an ovarian cyst was removed. Before the operation, the woman weighed 280 kg, and after it ended, the weight was only 140 kg.
  9. Norwegian Jan Revsdalu managed to survive the longest cardiac arrest. When he went fishing in the winter, he fell into the icy water. As a result of this accident, his body temperature dropped to 24 degrees. The heart, unable to withstand such a load, stopped for 4 hours. An interesting fact is that the Norwegian was able to fully reanimate when a blood circulation apparatus was connected to it.
  10. When it comes to overloading, we often remember astronauts. But the rider David Perley had a chance to transfer much more heavy loads. So in 1977, during a rally, he had an accident. On the 66-cm track, its initial speed, which is 175 km / h, decreased to 0 km / h. David miraculously survived. He had 29 fractures of varying severity, not counting the dislocations. Heart stopped as much as 6 times, but he survived.

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