Actress Elena Romanova

Elena Romanova is a Soviet actress who has played many roles in the cinema and on the theater stage. She is also known for being the wife of the artist Igor Kostolevsky. However, her personal life was much less happy than the acting.

In the biography of Elena Romanova there are many dark spots, which we will tell you about right now.

So before you biography of actress Elena Romanova.

Biography of Elena Romanova

Elena Vadimovna Romanova was born on December 20, 1957 in Moscow. She grew up in a wealthy and intelligent family.

Her father worked as a physicist and her mother was a translator, which was largely reflected in Elena’s future abilities in languages.

Childhood and youth

Mother really wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps, so from early childhood she studied English with her. In this regard, Elena was sent to study at a school with intensive study of foreign languages.

Simultaneously with her studies, she began to go to the theater club. Every day she was more and more interested in theater, as a result of which Romanova wanted to become an actress.


After graduation, she announced that she wanted to enter the theater institute. This news caused great dissatisfaction among parents. But no matter how hard they tried, they did not manage to convince Elena in choosing a profession.

By the way, almost the same story happened in the life of another famous actress - Faina Ranevskaya.

And although the father and mother agreed that the daughter should become an actress, they put one condition to her. In parallel with her studies, she had to learn to be an interpreter. In the end, everything happened.

Elena Romanova entered the Schukinsky Theater School, and in the evenings she attended courses. Since she had a good ability to learn foreign languages ​​since childhood, it was not difficult for her to get a diploma of an interpreter.

Carier start

After graduating from the Shchukin School in 1979, Romanova was invited to the Theater of Satire. Talent aspiring actress was appreciated, so soon she was offered an interesting role in the production of “Mad Money”.

It is worth noting that the director of the performance was Andrei Mironov himself. After 2 years, Elena moved to the Moscow Theater. Pushkin, where she continued to successfully perform on stage, reincarnating into a variety of images.

Movie debut

The first picture in which Elena Romanova starred was "And I am with you again ...". The film told about the life of Alexander Pushkin, and she herself played Vera Vyazemskaya. Famous Soviet actors were filmed with her.

It was on the set that Elena first saw Igor Kostolevsky, whose wife she would later become. An interesting fact is that at the first meeting with him she did not pay enough attention to him.

The key role of the actress in the film "Vacation at their own expense"

Due to her attractive appearance, Elena Romanova was popular with men.

It is fair to say that she was not one of those who love to flirt in search of endless new acquaintances.

While still a student, the actress worked as a translator. One day, American publisher Michael was one of her clients.

He liked Elena so much that he immediately decided to invite her on a date. The girl agreed to meet with him, after which the couple began to meet.

When Michael went to the USA, he regularly wrote a beloved letter and called up to her. After some time, he made her an offer, but was refused.

In the depths of her soul, Romanova understood that she did not like an American.

Soon she began to appear in the film "Vacation at their own expense." And although the actress had a minor role, she became one of the most significant in her biography.

Romanova - Kostolevsky's wife

When Elena got to know Igor Kostolevsky closely, they began a romantic relationship, and after 3 months, Igor made her an offer. Without thinking twice, she agreed to be his wife. Soon they got married.

Elena Romanova and Igor Kostolevsky

At the insistence of her husband, the actress Romanova went to work in the Theater. Mayakovsky, in which he played Kostolevsky. It is interesting that during this period Elena spoiled the life of Igor's fan very much.

They wrote her threatening letters, bored with calls and did everything possible to embroil the spouses. However, the actress has learned not to respond to such tricks of fans.

Son of actress

Soon the couple had a son, Aleksey, whom they dreamed of. However, over time, it turned out that the boy was sick with asthmatic bronchitis. The disease was not fatal, but the child needed special care.

As a result, actress Elena Romanova donated her acting career to spend as much time as possible with her son.

She only occasionally starred in films, although she received many offers from famous directors.

Romanova and Kostolevsky with his son

In the early 90s, Alexei’s health condition improved significantly, due to which the actress began to play more often in theaters and act in films.

She played the main roles in the films "Alaska, sir!"

Tragic divorce

After Romanova began to actively play in theaters, her relationship with Kostolevsky began to deteriorate. One of the main reasons was jealousy from her husband. It all started with the painting "Enemy of the enemy", in which Helen starred in the bed scene.

When Igor saw this episode, he suspected his wife of treason. And although in a short time their relationship improved, the old love between them was gone.

Kostolevsky even stated that he was tired of playing with her in some performances, and that he wanted to change his partner in productions.

In 2001, Kostolevsky admitted to Romanova that he had fallen in love with another girl, in connection with what he wanted to divorce.

And although it was very hard for her, she nevertheless agreed to divorce. Soon Kostolevsky married French actress Consuelo de Aviland.

Igor Kostolevsky and Consuelo de Aviland

Elena Romanova today

Left alone, Elena fell into depression. The only joy in her life was the son Alex, as well as a close friend of the actress Galina Belyaeva, who helped her out of a difficult state of mind.

Alexey for a long time did not communicate with his father, who left his mother. However, Romanova convinced his son to improve relations with Kostolevsky. The actress herself, after the divorce, no longer spoke to her ex-husband.

Today she is actively engaged in acting.

Not so long ago, Elena Romanova played a major role in the play "The Event." She so skillfully conveyed the character of the main character, that she became one of the leading actresses of the Theater. Mayakovsky.

Actress Elena Romanova does not like to talk about her personal life, hiding it from the public. Despite the fact that she is already 60 years old, she still attracts the attention of many men and actively continues to engage in creative activities.

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