Geduev Aniuar

Aniuar Geduyev is a Russian freestyle wrestler. In 2014, he became Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation.

During the years of his sports biography, he repeatedly became the champion of the world and Europe, and also won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Before you brief Biography of Geduev Aniuara.

Childhood and youth

Aniuar Borisovich Geduev was born on January 26, 1987 in Kabardino-Balkaria. The boy began to be interested in freestyle wrestling at the age of 11.

His first brother Alim took him to the first training. An interesting fact is that during one of the first sparrings, Aniuaru broke his right arm. However, this did not make him give up the fight.

Geduev continued to attend training, honing his skills. It is worth noting that the parents did not prevent his son from becoming a fighter. On the contrary, they strongly supported him, thanks to which the young man was able to achieve excellent results.

When the first junior competitions began in Aniuar Geduyev’s career, he was not able to participate in them. This was due to injuries from which he did not have time to recover.

Interestingly, the coaches were so confident in him that they later entrusted him to perform in the adult team. As a result, the guy fully justified the hopes placed on him.

Sports career Gedueva

The first serious victory in the sports biography of Aniuar was the bronze medal in the Russian championship, won in 2009. He won it in weight up to 74 kg. One year later he became the winner of the Ramzan Kadyrov Cup.

In 2011, Geduev took part in the Russian Championship, where he was able to win 2nd place.

The following year, within the framework of the same Russian championship, he stepped onto the mat against Adam Saitiev. In this fight, the victory was unjustly awarded to his opponent.

Spectators gathered in the hall began to show their indignation. Then the whole team of Aniuar ran out onto the carpet and surrounded the judge.

The situation escalated to the limit, however, the conflict participants were able to calm down.

After this incident, the wrestler even wanted to leave the sport, but later changed his mind.

In March 2013, Aniuar Geduyev won the first gold medal in his career. This happened at the European Championships, held in the capital of Georgia. At this competition, Geduev demonstrated excellent technique and physical strength.

In 2014, Aniuar defended his championship title by taking gold at the European Championship. The following year was unusually productive for the wrestler. He won first place in the Russian and European Championships, and also won bronze at the World Championships.

At the European Games, held in the capital of Azerbaijan, Aniuaru Geduyev managed to reach the very final. His rival was the Turkish wrestler Soner Demirtas.

It is curious that Geduev did not leave the Turk a single chance to win, having won him with a score of 10: 0.

In 2016, Geduev won the gold medal in the Russian championship, after which he went to the 2016 Olympics, where he competed in weight up to 74 kg.

In these competitions, the wrestler won a silver medal, losing to the Iranian Hasan Yazdani in the final.

It is worth noting that in the final match, Aniuar performed with a bandage covering his left eye, since in the previous fight he received an eyebrow dissection.

This allowed Yazdani to have a significant advantage, which he took advantage of.

When Aniuar Geduev arrived in his native village Psygansu, compatriots greeted him like a hero. They gave him the nickname "Adyghe Lion", for his strength and courage.

For outstanding achievements in sports, the wrestler was handed the keys to an apartment in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, and also presented a Mercedes GL car.

Soon on behalf of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Geduev was awarded the Medal of the Order for Services to the Fatherland, 1st degree.

Personal life

Not much is known about Aniuar's personal life. He is married to the girl Zalina, who bore him three children: Idar, Yasmina and Rasim.

The wrestler has repeatedly admitted that he loves his family very much and devotes all victories to his wife and children.

Aniuar Geduev today

In 2017, Geduyev competed for Iran at the World Club Championship. The event interested him because it was the first to introduce a weight category up to 79 kg.

The usual weight of Aniuar is 82 kg with height of 175 cm. For each competition, in the category up to 74 kilograms, he had to get rid of about 8 kg, whereas in this case it was enough for the wrestler to only about 3 kg.

Not so long ago, Geduev returned home from a trip to the cities of Yakutia, where, together with other fighters, he conducted a series of demonstration training sessions for young athletes. In addition, he and his colleagues participated in junior competitions.

Today, Aniuar Geduev is in great shape, so his fans will see the favorite athlete more than once the winner of various competitions.

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