Cityscapes of St. Petersburg

Benjamin Patersen (1750-1815) is a famous Swedish portrait painter, who has worked in St. Petersburg for most of his life.

Below are photos of his paintings that he created while living in the Russian Empire. And here are only landscapes of the city of Peter the Great.

Not only art lovers, but anyone who enjoys history, it will be interesting to see what St. Petersburg looked like more than 200 years ago. There were still no cameras at that time, so in order to look into the past through the eyes of contemporaries, one must be content with the works of artists.

St. Petersburg 200 years ago

So, before you are the cityscapes of St. Petersburg in the works of Benjamin Patterson. Enjoy watching!

Exchange View of the Promenade des Anglais and the Galerny yard from Vasilyevsky Island IbidView of the English Embankment from Vasilievsky Island View of the Vasilyevsky Island Embankment near the Academy of Arts in Petersburg Palace Embankment of the Winter Palace and the Hermitage. View from Vasilyevsky Island Palace Square and the Winter Palace (the beginning of Nevsky Prospect) Imperial Bank Kazan Cathedral from the side of Nevsky Stone island with the palace of Alexander I Ice Hill in St. Petersburg, 1788 Field of Mars and Rumyantsev ObeliskMikhailovsky Castle from the Fontanka Embankment, 1801 Mikhailovsky Castle Marble Palace and surroundings Marble Palace from the side of the Peter and Paul Fortress Embankment of Vasilyevsky Island near the Academy of ArtsNeva Embankment at the Senate, 1801 Neva gates of the Peter and Paul Fortress Outskirts of St. Petersburg at the Porcelain Factory Petersburg on the day of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the city Police Bridge on Nevsky Prospect St. Nicholas CathedralSenate Square and equestrian statue of Peter I, 1799 Sennaya Square in Petersburg Smolny Monastery from the Okhta Spit of Vasilyevsky Island Tauride Palace from the garden

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