Sergey Bondarchuk (junior)

Sergey Bondarchuk (junior) - Russian film and theater actor. He is the son of a famous director Fedor Bondarchuk. The greatest popularity brought him the painting "Stalingrad" and "Warrior".

Below you can see the main events of the biography of Sergei Bondarchuk and learn interesting facts from his life.

So before you a brief biography of Sergei Bondarchuk (Jr.).

Sergey Bondarchuk (junior) with his wife

Biography of Sergey Bondarchuk

Sergey Fedorovich Bondarchuk was born on January 1, 1991 in Moscow. His father, Fedor Sergeevich, works as an actor and film director.

Mother, Svetlana Vitalyevna, is a TV host and chief editor of the magazine "Hello". In addition, the woman organizes social events, presentations and other events.

In addition to Sergey, the girl Varvara was born in the Bondarchuk family (she suffers from cerebral palsy).

Childhood and youth

Bondarchuk Junior from early childhood was fond of boxing and wrestling. In his youth, he was a very temperamental man and repeatedly participated in street fights.

In 2009, Sergei fought with the Russian tennis player Marat Safin. Two years later, he threw his fists at a passing man just because he was "not so" looking at him.

For a while, Sergey Bondarchuk lived in the USA, where he studied as a producer. After that, he began studying directing.


Initially, Bondarchuk the Younger did not seek to become an actor or director, but later changed his mind. To date, he has already shot 3 popular films.

As an actor, Sergei made his debut in the film "Indian summer gossamer", where he played a minor character. After that, he appeared in the melodrama "My friend's bride".

Sergey Bondarchuk Jr. with his parents

In 2013, in the television series "The Thaw", the actor played his grandfather Sergey Fedorovich Bondarchuk, who was a famous actor and film director.

He later starred in his father’s film Stalingrad. He inherited the role of officer Sergei Astakhov, which he brilliantly performed. An interesting fact is that this picture was nominated for an Oscar.

In 2015, Bondarchuk Jr. was appointed to one of the main roles in the dramatic film “Warrior”. It told about 2 brothers who, after a long separation, had to meet in the ring. His acting talent was appreciated by critics and ordinary viewers.

For shooting in this picture, Sergey spent several months training hard in the gym in order to have an athletic physique. It was wonderful to convey the character of his hero to him by the fact that he himself participates in MMA competitions.

Sergey Bondarchuk and his wife Tatiana Mamiashvili

Then Sergey Bondarchuk the Younger starred in the next sports film "Champions. Faster. Higher. Stronger." It was about outstanding athletes.

In this film, he superbly played the famous wrestler Alexander Karelin. Interestingly, Karelin himself participated in the drafting of the script and gave advice to the director how best to play certain scenes.

Personal life

Bondarchuk Jr. is married to socialite Tatiana Mamiashvili. Young people got married in 2012. In this marriage they had 2 girls - Margarita and Vera.

Sergey Bondarchuk Jr. with his wife and daughters

Friends and relatives of Sergei say that after the marriage he changed for the better. He became more calm, kind and reasonable.

Sergey Bondarchuk Jr. today

To date, Sergei continues to act in films. In 2018, he appeared in 3 films: "Innocent", "Dead Lake" and "Ilyinsky Frontier".

Free time the actor loves to spend with his wife and children. He has accounts in social networks where he periodically uploads photos with his family.

Sergey Bondarchuk Jr. is a sought-after actor, so he will once again delight fans of new movie roles.

Sergey Bondarchuk and his wife

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