Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Guseva - Russian theater and film actress, singer. The greatest popularity brought her the television series "Brigade". In 2009, she was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Guseva has a lot of fans not only in Russia, but abroad. That is why many people are interested in the features of her biography. Gusev is often called "an actress who is impossible not to love."

So before you short biography of Catherine Guseva.

Biography of Guseva

Ekaterina Konstantinovna Guseva was born on July 9, 1976 in Moscow. Her father, Konstantin Vasilievich, worked as a tailor, and her mother, Tamara Mikhailovna, was the chief inspector.

In addition to Catherine, the girl Anastasia was born in the Gusev family.

Childhood and youth

While studying at school, Katya was seriously interested in sports. She went to gymnastics, swimming and figure skating. An interesting fact is that Ekaterina participated in various gymnastics competitions and was even in the reserve team of the USSR.

In parallel, she also attended a dance studio and theater group.

7-year-old Katya Guseva with her younger sister Nastya

Despite the fact that Guseva devoted a lot of time to sports and other hobbies, this in no way prevented her from studying well. After receiving the certificate she had to choose a future profession.

Initially, Catherine planned to enter the Moscow Biotechnology Institute, but after meeting with the assistant of the famous actor Yevgeniya Simonova, she changed her mind. She advised her to try to enroll in the drama school them. Shchukin.

As a result, she began to prepare for the exams, learning various works by heart.

After 3 days of intensive training, Guseva managed to enter the school the first time. And although at first the parents were at a loss from such a sharp turn in her biography, they did not prevent her daughter from getting an acting education.


In the period of biography 1997-2001. Guseva worked in the Mark Razumovsky Theater "At the Nikitsky Gate." After that, she moved to the musical "Nord-Ost", in which Ekaterina Tatarinova played.

Interestingly, for this role she had to learn vocal art.

Since the musical was staged at the North Pole, Ekaterina Guseva and her partners had to play on stage with 40 degrees of frost. Soon this achievement was entered into the Book of Records of Russia.

An interesting fact is that in 2002, Catherine miraculously escaped the infamous terrorist attack on Dubrovka. That day she decided to take a day off, which saved her from a terrible tragedy.

In 2003, for the performance of his role in the musical, Gusev was nominated for the Golden Mask Award (the best female role). In parallel with this, she participated in the recording of the album "Nord-Ost. Favorites."

In 2007 she presented the first solo album in her biography “Maybe it will work out”.

Today, Catherine works in the Theater of the Moscow Council, where she is trusted to perform many of the leading roles. She played Florell in the play "The Dance Teacher" Lope de Vega, and also reincarnated in the beautiful Nastasya Filippovna staged "The Idiot", created after the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

In 2004 and 2011, the biography of Gusev appeared in an erotic photo shoot for the famous publication "Maxim". Men appreciated the sporty shape and shape of a young actress.


The first film of Catherine Guseva was "Snake Source" (1997), in which she played a major role. The actress coped well with her work, with the result that many directors paid attention to her.

In 2002, Gusev was appointed to the main female role in the cult television series "The Brigade". Her partners on the set were such actors as Sergey Bezrukov, Andrey Panin, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Pavel Maikov and Vladimir Vdovichenko.

The success of the film turned out to be so great that one after another, it began to receive offers from many well-known film directors.

After that, Catherine appeared in dozens of rating films and television series. The most famous paintings with her participation are:

  • "Brigade";
  • "Red Deer Hunt";
  • "He, she and me";
  • "Hot Ice";
  • "Thin ice".

Personal life Guseva

Personal life in the biography of Guseva is almost perfect. In 1996, she met a promising businessman, Vladimir Abashkin, who was engaged in decorating television studios and concert halls.

They met for a long time, after which they decided to get married. In this marriage, they were born a boy Alex and a girl Anna.

Ekaterina Guseva with her husband, son, mother and grandmother

Since Catherine is a public person, she is always in the spotlight. In connection with this, rumors repeatedly appear in the press that the girl allegedly meets with one or another famous artist.

However, these rumors have no reliable evidence.

Ekaterina Guseva today

Ekaterina Guseva still appears in cinema and plays on the theater stage. In 2016, it was approved for the main role in the drama series “Thin Ice”.

In 2018, she starred in the historical series "Tobol" and the fantastic comedy "Brownie". In the last picture, she performed the role of the mother of a family suffering from the endless attacks of the brownie.

In addition, Catherine often conducts various programs on television, and also performs on stage as a singer. She often performs songs with famous singers and cultural figures.

Since Guseva is one of the most sought-after and popular artists, fans will see her more than once in new performances and television projects.

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