Singer Christmas tree

Christmas tree - Ukrainian and Russian pop singer, TV presenter, producer and film actress. Some of her songs are performed in the genres of R & B and alternative rock.

The most popular were her compositions such as Provence, Handsome Boy and On the Big Balloon.

In this article we will look at the features of the biography of the singer, as well as the most interesting facts from her life.

So, here is a brief biography of the Christmas tree singer.

Biography of the Christmas Tree Singer

Singer Christmas Tree (present name Elizaveta Valdemarovna Ivantsiv) was born on July 2, 1982 in Uzhgorod. Almost all members of her family were somehow connected with music.

My father was interested in jazz, his mother knew how to play 3 instruments, and grandmother and grandfather sang in the folk choir.

Childhood and youth

When the parents noticed quite good vocal data at the Christmas tree, they sent her to the music club. At that time biography, she was fascinated by music in the style of "soul" and "rap". As a schoolgirl, she began to play KVN.

After receiving the school certificate, Elka decided to enroll in a music school, but she could not finish it. According to the singer, she had a bad relationship with some teachers.

Perhaps the teachers disliked the Christmas tree for its appearance. The girl wore bright clothes and make-up, had piercings, tattoos, and once she completely shaved her head. Such a self-expression could not find approval in the school.


After the collapse of the USSR, Elka sang backing vocals in the little-known rap group "B & B". In 2001, the team performed at the Moscow festival "Rap Music", after which it ceased to exist. However, the young singer was noticed by Vlad Valov, who will eventually become the first producer of the singer.

Later, Elka admitted that she could not believe that she was interested in so famous producer.

After the start of cooperation with Valov, the singer performed at a concert dedicated to the memory of Micah. Then she appeared at the rock festival "Megahouse", where she was quite warmly received by the audience.

Soon, musician and producer Sheff signed a contract with Christmas Tree, because he was confident in her talent. An interesting fact is that initially the singer was advised to change the pseudonym, which she refused. She admitted that from an early age, everyone called her exclusively the Christmas Tree, including her father and mother.

In 2005, the singer recorded the debut album "City of Deception", - by the name of the main composition. He was well received by the public, and many critics called Christmas tree the breakthrough of the year.

In 2006, the second album of the singer - "Shadows". The song "Girl-student", which has long been on the tops of many charts, gained the most popularity. The author of the main part of the songs was Vlad Valov. His unobtrusive lyrics and music were well received, both by young and adult audiences.

In 2007, Elke was awarded the Golden Gramophone Award for the song “Handsome Boy”. Later, she presented the third plate - "This magnificent world." The singer wanted to change her image, for which reason she ceased cooperation with Valov.

After that, Elka began working with various songwriters and composers, including Konstantin and Valery Meladze. Interestingly, Alla Pugacheva advised the singer to change her style.

In 2011, another Fir-tree album, “The Points Are Set,” was released, which received excellent reviews from music critics.

Compositions such as Provence, A Big Balloon and Around You have gained the greatest popularity. An interesting fact is that the song "Boy" was recorded together with Pavel Volia.

Christmas tree turned out to be one of the most sought after singers, both in Russia and in Ukraine. She has successfully toured and participated in various TV projects. This led to a change in the image of the singer.

When the Fir-tree was in the judging panel of the television show "X-Factor", the fans saw her in strict dresses. According to the artist, she has long wanted to change the image and transform into a new personality.

In 2014, Elka recorded along with the “Burito” team the song “You Know”. The following year, she announced the release of the 5th studio album "# Heaven". And once again success! The songs "Fly, Liza", "I Want" and "Everything depends on us" in a flash became famous. As a result, the disc entered the top 20 best-selling albums of the year.

In addition, the Christmas Tree was recognized as the “Best Singer” of 2015, and the composition “The Sea Inside” won in the category “Song of the Year”. In 2016, the singer received another Golden Gramophone for the hit “Gray Happiness”.

In 2017, the Christmas tree was invited to the judging panel at the musical show "You are super!". It is curious that only children from orphanages could participate in the program.

Personal life

The Christmas tree does not like to talk about privacy, because it considers it superfluous. It is known that she is married to Sergey Astakhov, who works as her administrator. Recently, however, rumors began to appear in the press that the couple allegedly planned to leave.

This version is confirmed by the fact that the Christmas tree dismissed Sergey from work, and also hasn’t been posting photos on the Internet with him for a long time. Perhaps in the future we will learn about the true state of affairs in the singer's personal life.

The Christmas tree loves animals very much, in connection with which it periodically participates in charity events to help four-legged friends.

The singer often puts new photos on social networks, which appear in a variety of images. Her photos are actively commented by both fans and friends of the Christmas Tree.

The situation for today, the number of its subscribers in Instagram has already exceeded 1 million people.

Christmas tree today

The singer Elka still successfully travels to different cities and participates in rating TV projects. In 2018 she was awarded the Golden Gramophone for the hit “The World Is Opening.”

In 2019, the January issue of the magazine "OK!" adorned a photo of Christmas Tree, where she was depicted with long black hair and torn jeans.

Fans of the singer can be sure that they will hear new songs of Fir-tree more than once and will see her in various television projects.

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