Nina Ruslanova

Nina Ivanovna Ruslanova - Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. In 1998, she was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Over the years of her biography, she has played in many cult paintings, including Dog's Heart, Gypsy, The Return of Budulaya and Shadows Fade at Noon.

So, before you is a short biography of Nina Ruslanova.

Biography of Nina Ruslanova

Nina Ruslanova was born on December 5, 1945 in the city of Bogodukhov (Kharkiv region). In fact, the exact date of birth of the actress is unknown. Moreover, the woman still does not know who her parents were.

In the winter of 1946, a 2-month-old girl was found in Bogoduhov, which was soon identified in an orphanage. It was here that the first years of the artist's life took place. An interesting fact is that the surname is Ruslanova, Nina was given by the inspector of orphanages, naming it in honor of the famous singer Lydia Ruslanova.

It is also interesting that the date of birth is December 5, Nina Ivanovna chose only because this day was celebrated on the Day of the Stalin Constitution, in connection with which concerts and delicious dinners were organized in the shelter. For her biography, she changed 5 orphanages.

Childhood and youth

Having reached the age of majority, Ruslanova entered the local school, choosing the profession of plasterer.

At that time, she seriously became interested in theater art, for which reason the construction specialty faded into the background. After graduating from college, she decided to link his life with the scene.

Nina Ruslanova in her youth

Nina Ruslanova successfully passed the exams at the Kharkov Theater Institute, but she studied there for only a year.

Leaving the university was associated with moving to Moscow, where Nina wanted to go. Based in the capital, she enrolled in the famous Shchukin School.


During her studies, Ruslanova tried to get rid of the Ukrainian dialect as soon as possible. As a result, she managed to learn to speak Russian correctly, although at the cost of considerable effort.

An interesting fact is that her fellow students were such famous actors as Leonid Filatov, Alexander Kaidanovsky and Anastasia Vertinskaya.

Becoming a certified artist, Nina Ruslanova got a job at the Theater. Vakhtangov, who gave 16 years of his life.

Nina Ruslanova in the theater

Then she played on the stages of the Simonov and Mayakovsky theaters. However, cinema brought her the greatest popularity and all-Union love.


The first role in the creative biography of Ruslanova was the bride, in which she was transformed in the film "Return". In the same 1967, she was offered to play in the film “Short Meetings”, where her partner was Vladimir Vysotsky himself.

The special acting game of Nina Ruslanova, incomparable with anyone, helped her to be among the most popular Soviet actresses.

Nina Ruslanova and Vladimir Vysotsky in the film "Short Meetings"

She began to collaborate with various well-known directors, starring in cult ribbons. In 1971, the girl appeared in the television series "Shadows disappear at noon," where she had a key female role.

In the period of biography 1975-1985. Ruslana starred in more than 30 paintings, including "Afonya", "Gypsy", "Be My Husband", "Winter Cherry" and "The Return of Budulaya." Even when Nina got the small parts, she played them so vividly that the audience memorized her.

In 1988, Ruslanova starred in the famous drama "Heart of a Dog" and, as always, brilliantly coped with the role. This was followed by such works as "Heaven promised", "About businessman Thomas" and "Russian brothers". Even after the collapse of the USSR, when Russian cinema was experiencing not the best of times, the actress starred in at least 3 films a year.

In 1995, Nina Ruslanova participated in the filming of the serial “Trifles of Life”, which was broadcast on Russian TV for 5 years. Then she appeared in the films "Poor Sasha", "March of the Turkish" and "The Site".

In the 2000s, the most outstanding works in the biography of Ruslanova became "Puteys", "Chinese Grandmother", "House of the Sun" and "What Men Talk About." At this time, she often came to various TV shows as a guest.

An interesting fact is that in 2012 Nina Ivanovna was the hero of the program "The Draw". As planned by the writers, her new car was crushed by a tank, leaving only a bunch of scrap metal from it. This release of the program has collected over 2 million views on YouTube.

One of the last pictures of Ruslanov's steel "Kukushechka" and "Viy", shot from the work of Nikolai Gogol.

Personal life

The only official husband in the biography of Ruslanova was Gennady Rudakov. In this marriage, they had a girl Olesya.

Spouses for a long time did not dare to have children because of congenital heart disease Nina. However, later they managed to find a qualified doctor who agreed to take delivery.

Young Nina Ruslanova with her daughter

After the collapse of the USSR, the family often did not have enough money, as a result of which Rudakov was forced to work as a loader. Often, fans sent various delicacies to Ruslanova as a sign of their love for the actress. Over time, my husband decided to go into business.

In the early 90s, Nina and Gennady broke up. According to the artist, the divorce was due to her solid nature. A woman is not inclined to sentiment, instead of which she prefers to say everything directly and honestly. Obviously, the man simply could not get used to the character of his wife.

Nina Ruslanova with her husband and daughter

After that, Ruslanova met with the operator Ravkat Gabitov, with whom she has been cohabiting for over 30 years. An interesting fact is that the couple often does not see, since Nina mostly lives in Moscow, and her lover - in St. Petersburg. The actress with irony notes that they simply do not have time to clarify the relationship.

In 2009, a tragedy occurred in the biography of Nina Ruslanova. She suffered a heart attack accompanied by severe hypertensive crisis. Only thanks to the rapid hospitalization doctors were able to save her life. A few months later, Ruslanova’s health condition improved, and she returned to a full life.

In 2010, the actress underwent a serious heart operation, during which she was equipped with a mitral valve. In 2014, Nina Ruslanova suffered a stroke caused by a trial. Journalist Nikolai Simankov accused the actress of having allegedly ruined his car with a sharp object.

As a result, Nina Ivanovna’s health did not endure on the basis of long experiences, and she was on the operating table. In 2015, on the program “Let them talk,” Ruslanova admitted that Simankov apparently wanted to evict her from an expensive apartment. Later the conflict was settled.

Nina Ruslanova today

Recently, Nina Ivanovna does not act in films and rarely appears on television programs. The consequences of the stroke and heart attack that occurred in the fall of 2018

The actress barely restored speech and coordination of movements. Near her are always close people.

Nina Ruslanova with her daughter and grandson

In early 2019, Ruslanova was invited to the program "Exclusive". The occasion was an exciting message about finding her possible sister. The actress admitted that she wanted to find at least one of her relatives and find out the secret of her birth.

Nina Ivanovna agreed to do a DNA test, which with a high degree of probability will be able to confirm or deny a kinship with a woman who claims that she is the sister of the actress. Perhaps in the future we will find out how the whole story will end.

And although today the state of health of Nina Ruslanova leaves much to be desired, it is possible that we will soon see her in some television project.

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