Interesting facts about owls

Interesting facts about owls will affect both the way of life and the anatomical features of these birds of prey. In most cases, owls are night birds with high intelligence and stamina. Below we look at the most interesting facts about owls.

19 interesting facts about owls

  1. Flying owls are not accompanied by any noise, due to the special structure and location of feathers.
  2. Most of the owls are active at night, while they sleep during the day.
  3. An interesting fact is that more than 200 species of birds belong to the order of owls.
  4. Owls can be seen anywhere in the world.
  5. Owls are able to turn their heads by 270⁰, that is, to make three-quarters of a full turn.
  6. But the eyes of owls are completely immobile. That is why they need such a flexible neck.
  7. Did you know that owls are the largest birds of prey on earth? They often even attack golden eagles and boars.
  8. Different types of owls can hunt each other.
  9. Some species of owls feed on fish, catching it with claws from under the water.
  10. The owl elf is the only species of owls that feeds on both meat and plant food.
  11. An interesting fact is that owls have three pairs of eyelids. They blink first, protect the eyes with the second, and still others use for sleep.
  12. The snowy owl belongs to those few species that are more active during the day and not at night.
  13. It is curious that the Chinese owls often personified evil forces.
  14. Some owls are placed asymmetrically, which helps them to better recognize sounds. Amazingly, owls determine the direction relative to the sound source with an accuracy of 1⁰.
  15. The smallest owl is a Peruvian dwarf. Her weight is only 30 grams.
  16. Most owls see better at night and not at daytime.
  17. An interesting fact is that among all birds only owls' ears consist of skin folds.
  18. Owls can do without water for several weeks, quenching their thirst with the blood of their victims.
  19. Many peoples owl is considered a symbol of wisdom.

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